Kevin McAllister, Engineer

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This is the personal webspace of Kevin McAllister, originally from Philadelphia, PA (Roxborough) and currently probably in one of the surrounding suburbs.

I am an engineer. I have studied for and earned two bachelors of science degrees from Drexel University in 1999, the degrees are in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

I am currently employed with CoreDial, which takes up a large portion of my time. The remaining time is spent with my family, working out at the gym and always trying to learn new stuff.

If you are interested in my daily thoughts subscribe to my twitter feed, for more thought through articles and opinions read my weblog: Logical Disconnect.

Also you can check out a brief summary of my employment through the years.

If you want to read some good stuff check out my brother's writings at: Sport is Stranger than Fiction. This site is short fictional pieces with a focus on the world of sport. This site has been mostly abandoned for now due to his focus on writing fiction for publication, but you can still see his daily misadventures through the birds eye view that is the away message: Tom is Away

Also if you value freedom in general and religious freedom in particular. I recommend you support a fully moral, rational and therefore secular government. Coalition for a Secular Government